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Our Yoga Teachers Assist You in

Assessing Health Condition

Objectively Analyzing your Medical Condition

Building a Plan

After Assessment Framing yoga Series and Sessions.

Monitoring Periodically

Reviewing your health and make changes, if required

Right Postures

Assisting you to attain right posture in proper and effective manner.


Teacher’ll demonstrate all asanas and pranayam precisely to you.

Theoretical & practical

Teaching different forms of yoga and  its effects

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

Boost productivity

Productivity increases many folds as the stress level stoop down. It increases concentration and dedication in employees. The holistic approach of yoga transform employees better day by day in terms of loyalty, honesty and productivity.

Reduce stress

Nowadays employees has stress due to unachieved targets and backlogs. In corporate yoga we teach how to focus upon breathing and synchronization of mind, body and soul. The process of yoga can help them to remove anxiety and stress.

No Absenteeism

No absenteeism means more profit to corporate. It’s also beneficial for employees as well interms of saving on sick leaves. Yoga is holistic wellness tool to bring in to corporates as healthy policy.

Improved concentration

Corporate yoga helps employees in decision making and ability to mulitask. It also improves employees alertness and improves the ability to react calmly in demanding situations.

Rejuvenate office environment

With profound practice of mind soothing exercises and activities. Corporate atmosphere become more relaxing with a pich of fun. Employees begins to enjoy the work. Yoga helps to make daily work less monotonous.

Saving on Healthcare

Practicing yoga on daily basis improves employee’s physical and mental health. Corporates do bear health plans for their employees. Corporate yoga can help in saving capital of companies.

Reduces Pre-Natal Complications

Stretching, meditation and breathing exercises bring stability by calming the nervous system, relieving stress and increasing strength of muscles required for childbirth.

Better Relationships

Corporate yoga being practiced with group of co-workers gives a chance to interact and to meet co-workers as well with boss. It makes employees more comfortable which leads to fruitful relationship


Personalized Care

You are guaranteed to receive the special personalized attention from our experts.

Verified Experts

Certified from the best universities with 5+ years of experience.

Affordable Services

Save the expenses and time spent on clinic visits and get a better care in the comfort of your home.

Convenient Process

Book appointments over web or call at your preferred time and place with easy payment options.


Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

Yes,  we have yoga & fitness studio. You may find out address in our yoga centres tab.

Do you provide a free trial class?

Every  experts is certified from topmost university with minimum 5 years of experience.

What is the duration of each session?

Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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