Monthly Archives: August 2017

6 Bad Habits You Should Stop to Help Your Health

By FittestFirst | August 27, 2017

We are by nature creatures of habit. In fact, most times I doubt we even consider our habits—we just do them without thinking. This is great if our habits are positive and make us more productive people. But what about those subconscious practices that drive our loved ones crazy—or worse, could even hurt our…

3 Moves That Will Help You Complete a Pull-Up

By FittestFirst | August 27, 2017

“All I want is one solid freaking pull-up!” I yelled to one of my trainer colleagues while dangling from a bar nearly five years ago. I just wanted one, not even ten, and there I would hang staring up at the bar, not moving. Luckily for me, my co-trainer—a retired Marine and an amazing coach—took me on as a…

10 Things to Check if You Have Trouble Sleeping

By FittestFirst | August 27, 2017

Sleep is fascinating. Everybody does it, every day, and yet it still has an elusive quality for so many people. In fact, the American Sleep Association (via many studies and sources) reports alarming statistics: 50-70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder 48% of adults report snoring 37.9%…

Is Salt Actually Bad for You?

By FittestFirst | August 27, 2017

Salt is a naturally occurring compound that is commonly used to season food. In addition to increasing flavor, it is used as a food preservative and can help stop the growth of bacteria (1). Yet over the past few decades, it has gained a bad reputation and has been linked to conditions like high blood pressure,…


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