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    Group Yoga Classes


    We offer our services to the patients we request them to tell the problem detail to teacher during the demo class Teacher studies the patient’s criteria and gives the appropriate therapy. Our teachers have cured almost 90% of cases such as slip disc, sciatica, frozen shoulder, varicose vein, tennis elbow, cervical etc.

    They have worked on many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid, migraine, Asthma, Arthritis etc. The regular practice of therapy yoga helps our clients combat such diseases and not only helps cure them but also ensures that it will prevent other health problems.

    The session structure is as follows:

    1 Day in a week
    (e.g. Sun)
    4 Sessions/Month
    2 Days in a week
    ( e.g. Sat & Sun)
    8 Sessions/Month
    3 Days in a week
    (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri or Tue, Thu, Sat)
    12 Sessions/Month
    4 Days in a week
    (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun or Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun)
    16 Sessions/Month
    5 Days in a week
    ( e.g Mon to Fri)
    20 Sessions/Month + Extra Sessions occurrence
    6 Days in a week
    (e.g. Mon to Sat)
    24 Sessions/Month + Extra Sessions occurrence
    Every Days 28 Sessions/Month + Extra Sessions occurrence


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