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    Our Yoga Teachers help you in

    Assessing Health Condition

    Objectively analyzing medical condition

    Building a Plan

    After assessment framing yoga series and sessions

    Monitoring Periodically

    Reviewing your health and make changes, if required

    Right Postures

    Assisting you to attain right posture in proper and effective manner


    Teacher’ll demonstrate all asanas and pranayam precisely to you

    Theoretical & Practical

    Teaching different forms of yoga and  its effects.

    Benefits of Yoga

    Burn Those Extra Calories.

    There is an incredible bond between power yoga & weight loss. We teach Poses like Downward dog to small dog & then to plank, abdominal churning, surya namaskar, Markat asana and others are really helpful in burning calories, Increasing stamina, increasing metabolism.

    Enhanced joints flexibility

    Yoga increases mobility of joints so that muscles can better absorb shock in a shorter range of motion. Flexibility exercises help loosen stiff joints that may developed due to inactivity, stress or injury.

    Relieve stress

    Our special IRT, DRT  techniques along with stress buster yoga is a powerful tool to overcome stress, anxiety and depression. It oxygenate every cell and tissue of body. It balances hormone secretion which are responsible for stress

    Enhance Immunity

    Our special detoxification techniques with yoga helps lymphatic system to resist infection and dispose toxins. Our special sequence is designed to keep healthy during cold & Flu season. A healthy immune system keeps you fit as a fiddle.

    Normalize blood pressure

    Our Yoga series can reduce stress-induced hypertension. It has pacifying effect and can bring nervous system in to balance. Practicing yoga for high BP can help free up the body’s inherent healing response to reduce blood pressure

    Strengthen Muscles

    Our special yoga poses target just about every core muscle as a result improved muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina. It increases strength and build lean muscle mass. Poses like upward facing dog, can help tone muscles in the upper and lower body.

    Strengthen Bones

    Bone loss is serious business. Both men and women reach thier maximum bone mass around 30’s. Yoga is weight bearing exercise. Which put stress on bones and that stress forces bones in to laying down new growth. Yoga prevent osteoporosis, osteopenia and arthiritis.

    Improves Digestion

    Yoga help, cleanse, stimulate, aid and encourage good digestive function. Our special series of stretches and twists detoxify intestine for quick absorption of food, healing all bowel syndromes.

    Reduces Pre-Natal Complications

    From decreased risk of depression to improved sleep to decrease back and nausea yoga helps in every stage during pregnancy. By facilitating deep breathing, Building muscles strength by stretching, calming mind through meditation required for childbirth. Pre-natal yoga makes its easier to get in shape post-baby.

    Home Advantage

    Personalized Attention

    Verified Healers

    Affordable Services

    Convenient Process


    Do you have a yoga studio for fitness?

    Do you provide a free trial class?

    What is the duration of each session?

    Each session goes for minimum 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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